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Moving During the Festive Season

Moving During the Festive Season: Advantages and Disadvantages

Relocating during the Christmas and New Year holidays is an exciting decision, and many individuals do so. However, it has a number of pros and cons. As experienced House Removalists, we’ve assisted numerous families in relocating throughout the festive season and have compiled a list of the major benefits and drawbacks of moving during these times. 

The Advantages of Relocating During the Christmas Season

  • You will not require a break from work. If you want to relocate during the Christmas season, you will already have sufficient vacation time to pack your belongings and prepare for your house transfer. When you relocate around the Christmas season, you can really save money on your office leave.
  • The traffic will be light. Due to the fact that few people will be travelling over Christmas, there will be less traffic than on other days, allowing you to reach your new house much faster.
  • You can take a road trip for Christmas! Rather than the typical ways of celebrating Christmas, you might opt for something more enjoyable, such as celebrating it on the road. Stopping in tiny towns along the way to partake in traditional festivities and resuming the journey with the Christmas mood intact. If your family is a travel enthusiast, combining Christmas and travel will be the most thrilling Christmas ever!
  • You can ring in the New Year in your new residence! It will be the ideal way to begin the new year if you do so in your new house. Passing through Christmas will prepare you for your New Year’s celebrations. Additionally, individuals will feel comfortable during the holiday season. Thus, when you move into a new home around the Christmas season, you might quickly become good friends with your neighbours.

The Drawbacks of Relocating During the Christmas Season

  • Your children may be unable to attend Christmas events. Small children, in general, look forward to unwrapping presents and spending time with their family over the Christmas season, and it is possible to disappoint them if you relocate during the holiday season.
  • If you are relocating from one city to another, you may have difficulty locating removalists at the last minute. Some removalists also operate during the holiday season. However, they will be understaffed and in high demand throughout the festive seasons. As a result, you will be unable to secure competent and experienced removalists for your last-minute house move. You must make reservations at least three to four weeks in advance. Additionally, some movers will have time constraints throughout the Christmas season; after all, everyone deserves to celebrate. Therefore, consult with the removalists and coordinate the schedule of your move.
  • Winter weather may complicate matters further. As Christmas seasons are typically associated with snow and cold weather, you’ll want to be prepared for weather-related disruptions to your relocation plan.
  • The holiday season’s stress may wreak havoc on your attitude. If you look forward to conventional Christmas events each year, this may be a difficult time for you. Your spirits may be dampened when you put the boxes into the moving truck and witness all the other families celebrating Christmas.

There are both pros and cons to relocating around the Christmas season, and whether you love the furniture transfer or dread it is entirely up to you.

Are you considering relocating during the Christmas season? Contact Melbourne House Removalists and book them for a stress-free and safe transfer.

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