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We realise how difficult and expensive relocating can be for you and your family, which is why we're here to help you have a stress-free and cost-effective experience. Melbourne House Removalists is a Maribyrnong Removalists company located in Melbourne that specialises in providing hassle-free and high-quality furniture moving services.

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Our Maribyrnong movers are highly trained professionals who understand how to properly handle delicate and easily damaged goods to ensure they arrive in great condition. And, as our history demonstrates, we are completely dedicated to delivering the finest service possible to each and every individual with whom we contact. Removalists Maribyrnong ensures that your moving day is as stress-free as possible by offering a damage-free guarantee.

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Melbourne House Removalists

Why Should You Choose Our Maribyrnong Removalists?

Hire Melbourne House Removalists to ensure a seamless relocation.

We realise how difficult it may be for our clients to relocate. As a consequence, we prefer to take the initiative and oversee the coordination of all aspects of packing and moving. At Maribyrnong Movers, we believe that meticulous planning is essential to success.

Packing and Keeping Your Things Confidently:

You can be confident in the efficiency of your packing and move when you work with Maribyrnong Movers. We are recognised authorities in this area. We ensure that your products are packed correctly. In addition to packing, we offer clients the option of keeping their belongings.

Maribyrnong Furniture Removalists at an Affordable Price:

Maribyrnong Removalists offer the most cost-effective removals and relocation services. We are well-known for our pragmatic approach and superior customer service.

Furniture Removalists Maribyrnong has a large selection of the best and advance vans and truck in the industry.

Our trucks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all of your belongings. We ensure that our trucks are as dependable as possible when carrying your products, and that deliveries are well-organised to avoid impeding transit.

Removalist Melbourne

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About Maribyrnong, Victoria

Maribyrnong is a Melbourne suburb located about 8 kilometres northwest of the city. Between Raleigh and West roads, we’ve been relocating residential and business structures. We’ve begun transporting commercial clients in and out of Centerpoint Shopping Mall, one of our busiest locations. Maribyrnong is densely packed with parks and animals around the Maribyrnong River; our Maribyrnong movers are very cautious and respectful to all living species.


Raleigh Route is the major thoroughfare of Maribyrnong, connecting to Maribyrnong Drive on the east side of the river. To the west, it is known as Cordite Avenue. The names ‘Raleigh’ and ‘Cordite’ tell a great deal about the history of Maribyrnong.

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Hire Maribyrnong Removalists

Please contact us if you are moving domestically, or commercially. We'll make your relocation more comfortable, secure, and enjoyable. You may reach us at 0390 563 702 to discuss your Maribyrnong house removals, and if necessary, we can come to your home to assess your items and the packing materials needed.