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Is it important for you to find a dependable furniture removalist in Thornbury to assist you with moving or storing your most valuable possessions? Do you need a cheap Thornbury removalist to do the task as soon as possible? We realise how tough it may be to relocate to a new home or workplace. We can assist you with your local or nationwide relocation with the help of Melbourne House Removalists.

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Thornbury Movers​

Thornbury Removalists are a family-owned and operated business. We at Thornbury Moving and Storage are happy to help you with your relocation. When moving inside a country, you must also relocate your personal possessions to your new location of choice. Especially when it comes to piano removal, it is necessary to hire a professional who is capable of lifting and transporting large objects. It is not the job of an amateur or an incompetent individual; rather, you must undergo extensive training in order to be considered for this position.


Melbourne House Removalists are renowned for providing excellent furniture removalist Thornbury solutions. We provide a wide range of high-quality services to make your move to us as smooth as possible. Please see below for more information.

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Melbourne House Removalists

Why Should You Choose Our Thornbury Removalists?

In the event that you need Certified Removalists Thornbury, the team at Melbourne House Removalists would be delighted to help you. On national holidays, we also provide free relocation services to our customers. What is your plan for the future of Thornbury, and will you be leaving? At Melbourne House Removalists, we’re here to help you with anything you need. Clients in Thornbury and the surrounding areas have benefitted from the services provided by our moving and relocation company.


Melbourne House Removalists is Thornbury’s most dependable and reasonably priced furniture moving company. In exchange for a fair price for our movers Thornbury services, we guarantee to deliver high-quality, stress-free, and reliable moving services. Our Thornbury removalists and packing services have been successfully handled throughout the years by working with a diverse group of removalists.


Everything will be taken care of by our Thornbury relocating company. We promise that your products will be delivered in excellent shape and on schedule to the address you provide. We also offer the high-quality services mentioned below as an added bonus:

  1. Furniture removalists in Thornbury that are both simple and affordable.
  2. Choosing the Most Effective Packaging for Item Protection.
  3. Regardless of the task, a competent and fast answer is provided.
  4. Hourly Rates That Are Unbeatable
  5. Instead of organising and executing a move on your own, you may contact Thornbury movers, who can do the task much more swiftly and efficiently.
  6. We can help you in creating services that are tailored to your customers’ needs.
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About Thornbury, Victoria

Thornbury is a residential neighbourhood about halfway between Northcote and Preston. Near the intersection of High Street and Normanby Avenue, its post office is about in the centre of the suburb, 6.5 kilometres northeast of downtown Melbourne and approximately in the middle of the suburb. The Thornbury Park house, which was constructed in 1883 and named after Job Smith’s estate, is the inspiration for the name of the neighbourhood. A field near Smith’s birthplace was designated as the site of this development; Smith’s farmhouse was located along Merri Creek, near the current Smith Street children’s facility.


We make certain that our workers are representative of the ethnic variety of the communities in which we do business. Trams, bike lanes, and school zones abound in Thornbury and the surrounding regions, and our movers are well-versed in how to navigate around traffic during peak hours.

Several deliveries are made from and to the storage facility to houses in Thornbury and Melbourne for regular clients such as Northland Shopping Centre and Furniture Shops

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Hire Thornbury Removalists

Please contact us if you are moving domestically, or commercially. We'll make your relocation more comfortable, secure, and enjoyable. You may reach us at 0390 563 702 to discuss your Thornbury house removals, and if necessary, we can come to your home to assess your items and the packing materials needed.